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Jack McDeVitt

geb. 1935 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), (USA)


Jack McDevitt is a Philadelphia native. He has been, among other things, a naval officer, an English teacher, a customs officer, a taxi driver, and a management trainer for the US Customs Service.

He started writing novels when Terry Carr invited him to participate in the celebrated Ace Specials series. His contribution was The Hercules Text, which won the Philip K. Dick Special Award. McDevitt has produced sixteen additional novels since then. Ten of them have qualified for the final Nebula ballot. Seeker won the award in 2007. In 2004, Omega received the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best SF novel.

His most recent books are Firebird and Echo, both from Ace. German editions are published by Bastei-Lubbe.

McDevitt won the first international UPC competition for “Ships in the Night.” He has also received the Phoenix and SESFA awards with lifetime body-of-work citations. In 2005, Omega won the John W. Campbell Award for best novel. And in 2007, Seeker won the Nebula in the same category. Nine of his novels have been on the final Nebula ballot.

His interests include, especially, chess, classical history, and the sciences.

He is married to the former Maureen McAdams, and resides in Brunswick, Georgia, where he keeps a weather eye on hurricanes.

Bibliographie (Auszug)

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2011 Zeitreisende sterben nie

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